30 Nov 2015

Shiva, the cosmic silence



‘Shiva, we should note, is not simply the name of a Hindu deity. Shiva, which means “that which is auspicious,” refers to the ultimately auspicious effect of our contact with the unknown, the nameless, the great mystery, what is beyond all limitation.

In this regard, Shiva has no name and also an infinite number of names. Every name is a name of Shiva and yet he remains inexpressible and indescribable. Chanting the name of Shiva means going beyond all identities. It is the resonance of the cosmic silence.

It is this inner reality of Shiva that we need to understand, not simply Shiva as a religious deity or cultural form.’

~ Shiva: The Lord of Yoga, Dr. David Frawley



29 Nov 2015

Shiva, the lord of yoga




‘Devotion to Shiva is not devotion to a form or image but devotion to the power from which all form arises, which is to the seer of all. Loving Shiva is not about loving a personal deity that resembles us but opening to the power of universal love that is not afraid of death or sorrow.

‘Shiva Yoga is the Yoga of nature to hold the entire universe within the core of our hearts, with our heart located everywhere.

‘Shiva is the detached, calm and silent aspect of our own deeper awareness.’

~ from Shiva: The Lord of Yoga, by David Frawley